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  • Magic Sets and Kits Magic Sets and Kits
    Our own boxed magic sets and kits! We selected an assortment of the most amazing, easy tricks and packaged them in bright red boxes!
  • Juggling Juggling
    Juggling equipment, books and DVD instruction
  • Magic with a Message Magic with a Message
    Magic tricks that convey a message to your audience. Gospel messages, anti-drug messages, safety messages.
  • Magic Books Magic Books
    Magic books, from tricks and routines to magic history and biography. New and used books available for purchase.
  • Magic DVDs Magic DVDs
    DVD instruction teaches tricks, routines and skills
  • Magic Courses Magic Courses
    Learn from the experts! Complete courses in card magic, coin magic, improving your overall performance skills, and much more.
  • Puzzles Puzzles
    Mechanical puzzlers- how do these work??
  • Jewelry - Magical Jewelry - Magical
    Fabulous handcrafted jewelry specially designed for magicians and magicians' assistants- exclusively available only at!
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