Button Penetration
Magically pass a button right through a solid box, and make the hole vanish!
Ages 10 and up Level 2
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Button Penetration

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A fast-as-lightning visual fooler!

The effect: Place a small, clear box on the table. On top of the box sits a tiny white button with a red dot in the middle. Tell your audience to look closely as you tap the button with a playing card. Instantly, the button has dropped into the box, seemingly melting a hole right through the lid. Yet on closer inspection, your spectator will find that the "hole" is just an optical illusion- the lid is still solid. But wait- then how did the button get INSIDE the box??

A unique and different pocket magic trick that's EASY to perform!

You'll get everything you need:
  • Button Penetration trick (button, box and playing card)
  • printed instructions

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