Bunny Bucket
Produce a live bunny from an empty wooden bucket!
Ages 13 and up Level 1
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Bunny Bucket

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Magically produce your rabbit!

The Bunny Bucket is made just for you!

Open the lid of the bucket, show your audience that the bucket is empty. Close the lid, say a few "magic words" and - PRESTO! Open the lid and take out a real, live rabbit! Using a live animal in your show is a surefire way to get a fantastic reaction! And kids LOVE bunnies!

Of course, you can also use any other small animal that will comfortably fit into the load space. You can also use the Bucket to produce a stuffed animal or a big load of prizes or candy.

This sturdy box is specially constructed to safely and securely produce a live animal. The box is 11.5" high and 12" in diameter (with a 5.5" wide load chamber space) so it is recommended that you use a dwarf rabbit or a baby rabbit, rather than a large adult rabbit, for the comfort of the animal.

Performance Ideas   Performance Ideas:

You could also use a live ferret or a dove with this box.

Use this trick as part of a full routine of producing, then vanishing the bunny. Use this trick to produce your rabbit, then use the Rabbit Wringer to vanish him.

What you'll get when you buy this   trick Here's what you'll get:
  • Bunny Bucket
  • printed instructions
You provide the animal.
Of course, you can use a stuffed animal or puppet also.

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