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BOOK- Tarbell Course In Magic Vol. 1

Get an in depth introduction to magic tricks!
Ages 10 and up Level 2
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BOOK- Tarbell Course In Magic Vol. 1

Item Id: 90-0500
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Coins, cards, silks,

Volume #1 in the most respected course in magic! The classic volumes cover every aspect and interest in the art of magic performance. A must have for every magic library!

THIS VOLUME INCLUDES: History of Magic, Magic as a Science, Sleight of Hand with Coins, Coin Tricks, More Coin Tricks, The Thumb Tip, Impromptu Tricks, Bill Tricks, Mathematical Mysteries, Effective Card Mysteries, Impromptu Card Mysteries, Mental Card Mysteries, Card Sleights, Novel Card Mysteries, Restoring Torn Papers, Rope and Tape Principle, Handkerchief Tricks, Knotty Silks, Eggs and Silks.

19 lessons. 410 pages (hardbound). 918 illustrations.

For the contents of the other volumes in this set, see the links to the individual books below.

Tarbell Vol. 1 Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: History of Magic

  • Magicians in the Bible

Lesson 2: Magic As A Science (principles of magic)

  • Professional Attitude: patter, performing, practicing, misdirection, etc.

Lesson 3: Sleight of Hand with Coins (Palms, Holds, Vanishes)

  • Palming Methods Used in Coin Sleights
  • Holds Used in Coin Sleights
  • Sleight of Hand Methods for Vanishing a Coin
  • Getting Rid of a Coin After Vanishing It in Your Hand

Lesson 4: Coin Tricks

  • The Dissolving Coin: A marked coin vanishes after being dropped into a glass of water
  • Vanishing Coin In Handkerchief
  • Coin Through Handkerchief
  • Copper Or Silver Penetration: Two coins wrapped in a handkerchief, selected coin comes out
  • Pencil Coin Vanish and Reappearance: Coin vanishes and reappears using a wand pencil

Lesson 5: More Coin Tricks

  • Joe Berg's Miracle Coin Vanish: Coins wrapped in a handkerchief vanish and reappear
  • Coin, Envelope, and Handkerchief: Marked coin travels from envelope to handkerchief
  • Vanishing a Coin by Wrapping It In a Piece Of Paper
  • Homing Coins: Money tray
  • Invisible Money Transit
  • Multiplying Money Tray: How to make one and use it

Lesson 6: The Thumb Tip

  • Mystery Of The Burning Cigarette: Lit cigarette dropped in handkerchief without burning it
  • The Asbestos Palm: Lit cigarette Vanishes in magician's hand
  • Burning A Borrowed Handkerchief: Borrowed handkerchief is set on fire and yet remains unburned
  • Enchanted Paper: lit paper
  • A Comedy Interlude
  • The Passe - Passe Salt: Salt disappears from left hand, pours from right hand

Lesson 7: Impromptu Tricks

  • The Penetrating Ring: Rubber band trick
  • The Jumping Rubber Band: A rubber band jumps from fingers to fingers
  • Metal Ring On A String: Solid ring removed from string whose ends are in full view
  • Patriotic Rings and String: Selected color ring is removed from rope
  • Penetrative Cigar Band: Cigar band removed from rope
  • Vanishing Ring On String: "Ring" of string is removed
  • Kellar's Cut And Restored Cord: 30 foot wrapping cord cut and restored
  • Comedy Version Of Germain Cord Effect
  • An Impromptu Cut And Restored Cord Effect

Lesson 8: Ball Tricks

  • Cups And Balls: Three paper cups and sponge balls with large load at end
  • Three Wandering Sponge Balls: classic basic sponge ball routine
  • Four Traveling Balls: Sponge ball routine using a hat
  • Patriotic Paper Balls

Lesson 9: Mathematical Mysteries

  • Mystery Of The Traveling Numbers: Number prediction
  • Spirit Mathematician: Speed sum prediction
  • Numbers on the Arm: Numbers appear written on magician's arm
  • Rapid Banking: $1 bill and a check for $1 change places

Lesson 10: Effective Card Mysteries

  • Rising Card Escape: Card rises from case
  • Sealed Card Mystery: Two cards predict a third selected card
  • A Psychological Impossibility: Two spectator card selection
  • Hindu Color Changing Deck: Red backed card selected from blue deck, then blue deck becomes all red backs

Lesson 11: Impromptu Card Mysteries

  • Joe Berg's "Count Down" Card Mystery
  • Tenkai's Reverse Cards Mystery: Cards are reversed
  • Royal Card Discovery: Card prediction
  • Birds of a Feather: Magician and spectator's cards end up together
  • Card Appearance at a Selected Number
  • Change-About Card: Selected card jumps to top of deck
  • Find The Burglar: Selected card located between two kings
  • Selected Cards From The Spectator's Pocket

Lesson 12: Mental Card Mysteries

  • Al Baker's "Twin Soul" Card Prediction: double card prediction
  • You Do As I Do: Two decks but magician and spectator selections match
  • Baffling Discovery: One out of five card prediction
  • Thought Location: Spectator's card ends up in magician's pocket
  • Card In The Pocket
  • Mystic Card Clock Dial: Clock dial prediction
  • Thoughtful Joker: Joker finds selected cards
  • Sense Of Touch Discovery: Selected cards found inside hat
  • Henry Hardin's Cards In Hat Discovery

Lesson 13: Card Sleights

  • The Pass: Regular, Modern, Side Steal, How to use it
  • The False Shuffle: G.W. Hunter, Wiggle Woggle, Riffle, Top & Bottom Control
  • The False Cut: Pack In Hands, Three Way Table Cuts, Four Way Cuts, Card Control
  • The Force: The Classic Force
  • Forcing Decks, Force with Knife, Mathematical Force
  • Forcing Bottom Card
  • Force Behind Performer's Back
  • Circus Trick: Trick using a forced card
  • The Riffle Force
  • Forcing One of Four Cards on Table
  • Slip of Paper Force

Lesson 14: Novel Card Mysteries

  • Snap It: Selected card jumps out of hat
  • Card And Orange: Selected card found inside orange
  • Devil's Letter: Card and bandanna
  • The Bewitched Banana: Banana found cut into exact selected number of pieces

Lesson 15: Restoring Torn Papers

  • Chinese Paper Mystery: Torn and restored tissue
  • Wintertime In China: Snowstorm from torn papers
  • Japanese Torn And Restored Napkins: Torn and restored napkins
  • Hindu Paper Tearing: Torn, burned, and restored
  • Milady's Parisienne Hat: Torn papers turn into a paper hat

Lesson 16: Rope & Tape Principle

  • Coats, Tapes, And Rings: Coat and rings removed from rope
  • Coat, Ropes, And Rings: Second method
  • Prisoner's Escape: Rope through neck
  • Magic Orange: Orange falls from ribbon into magician's hands
  • Walking Through Tapes with Another Tapes Release

Lesson 17: Handkerchief Tricks

  • The Wandering Handkerchief: Handkerchiefs travel from pocket to pocket
  • The Silk and The Flame: Silk produced from candle routine
  • The Candle, The Silk, and The Paper Tube: Another silk and candle routine
  • Elusive Silks: Change bag routine with silks

Lesson 18: Knotting Silks

  • Instantaneous One-Handed Knot In Handkerchief
  • The Pull-Away Single Knot
  • The Dissolving Single Knot
  • The Speedy Single Knot
  • The Fade-Away Double Knot
  • Nu-Way Double Knot
  • Quick Release Double Knot
  • Leg Tie and Release with Handkerchief
  • The Magical Bow Knot
  • Chair Tie and Release with Bow Knot
  • The Educated Knot: Knot in a silk slowly unties itself
  • The Sympathetic Silks: Silks knot and unknot with other silks
  • Tommy Dowd's Silk Penetration: Handkerchief penetrates through a rope
  • Al Baker's Handkerchief Through The Arm
  • The Phantom Knots: Silks tie themselves together and separate

Lesson 19: Eggs and Silks

  • The Egg, the Glass, And The Handkerchief: Transposition
  • Eggs-traordinary Eggs-planation: Silk and egg routine
  • Sucker Handkerchief Vanish
  • One-Man Handkerchief Vanish: Comedy version
  • Repeat Handkerchief Vanish: Handkerchief changes into lemon

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Customer Reviews
Rating Tarbell course in magic Vol. 1
I happened into a set of these books accidentally and with them came my deep interest in Magic . These books are very informative and well worth the price whether you plan on becoming a Magician to make money or just to entertain some of your friends . I would suggest these to anyone interested .
  Did you find this helpful?  
Reviewed by:  from loxley alabama. - 5/23/2013
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