BOOKLET- Spring Flowers
Ideas for using Spring Flowers, plus tips and techniques!
Ages 10 and up Level 2
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BOOKLET- Spring Flowers

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Everything you need to know!

Spring flowers are a terrific magic prop to use- but exactly how do you use them??

NEED IDEAS? Sure, you can make your spring flowers appear out of nowhere. But what else is possible?

If you want to get MORE fun out of your flowers, then this booklet is for you! Inside you'll find lots of easy to do tricks with your set of spring flowers. Produce a selected card from inside a bouquet! Produce a bunch of flowers at the end of a rope- in midair! Change a bag of flour into a bouquet of flowers! And so much more!

Need technique? Learn how to correctly handle the spring flowers so that you get the biggest impact from your trick. And learn how to properly care for and store the flowers so that they will last a LOT longer!

BOOKLET ONLY. Spring flowers are not included.

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Spring Flowers- Magic Library booklet
Booklet only. You supply the spring flowers.
Softbound booklet. 28 pages.


What you'll get when you buy this trick   Contents of the booklet:

  • The Basics:
  • Handling, Care and Maintenance
  • Storage
  • The Classic Tricks:
  • Flowers from a Cone
  • Gloves to Bouquet
  • Blooming News- Flowers From Newspaper
  • Newest Ideas:
  • Thin Air Production
  • Florist Magic
  • Bouquet in a Bag
  • Wrong Card!
  • Card in Hank
  • Four of Daisies
  • Snapping a Knot
  • Pretty Card Trick
  • Flowering Paper Tree
  • On the Beat
  • 3-D Flowers
  • A Centerpiece
  • A Second Load
  • Garden Production
  • Name a Flower
  • Flash Appearance
Softbound booklet. 28 pages.



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