Bite Out Playing Card
Take a bite out of a real playing card, then instantly restore it!
Ages 10 and up Level 2
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Bite Out Playing Card

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The Bite Out Quarter has become one of the most popular magic tricks ever sold. This favorite effect is now available using a playing card!

It's a simple idea, and very easy to do. Hold a Bicycle playing card in full view, put it up to your mouth and take a "bite" out of it. Your spectators can clearly see that a bite-shaped piece is missing from the card! Then pass your fingers over the card- instantly it is whole again!

This pocket miracle requires no fussing or resetting- you can repeat it immediately, as many times as you would like. No sleight of hand, no fancy moves, no palming. Just easy and astounding magic!

Performance Ideas:

You can use the Bite Out Card by itself, starting the trick by taking the card out of your pocket or wallet. You can also place the card on top of a matching deck of Bicycle cards, then casually take out the deck of cards and remove the top one (which is the Bite Out Card) to start the trick.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Bite Out Playing Card
  • printed instructions

You supply an ordinary deck of Bicycle cards.


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