Red Handed
Turn sponge balls into a big red sponge hand!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Red Handed

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Want to make them laugh?

They think they know what's going to happen- but they get a surprise!

Place a red sponge ball in your hand. Make sure to do it in an obvious manner, so that there is no question that the sponge is in that hand. You may even choose to have the sponge "accidentally" peek out of your hand, as if you don't notice. Ask your spectator which hand the ball is in. He will correctly name which hand (you've made it obvious!). So you tell him, "Well, I guess you've caught me red-handed!". When you open your hand, the sponge ball is gone- and instead, you are holding a Big Red Hand!

Peter Monticup demonstrates the routine using TWO red sponge balls. This item comes with ONE red sponge ball, and you can do the trick just as effectively with the one ball changing to the Red Hand. Of course, you can also use your own red sponge balls with the sponge hand (any 1.5" or 2" red sponge balls will fit).

Performance Ideas   Performance Ideas:

This one has lots of comedy potential! If kids are yelling out "I saw that!" or "I know how that's done!" and you want to calm them down, let them try and see which hand the red sponge is in. Whatever they say, you can say, "No, the red sponge is not there- but I guess you caught me red-handed!" as you produce the sponge hand.

Or, at the end of a trick where you have used a volunteer, do this trick, producing the hand and saying "Let's give our volunteer a hand!".

Of course, this would make a great ending to a regular Sponge Balls routine that you may do with your own set of 2" sponge balls (also available below).


What you'll get when you buy this 

trick Here's what you'll get:
  • one large lifesize red sponge hand
  • one 2" red sponge ball
  • printed instructions with routine
And that's all you need!

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