Bandit Ball + BONUS
Vanish a ball from inside a solid clear box!
Ages 7 and up Level 2
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Bandit Ball + BONUS

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Fast to do, and even faster for you to learn!

And this one comes with a BONUS you can only get from!

Amaze your friends with this one! Place a small ball in a clear box. Put the lid on the box, cover it briefly with a handkerchief, and when the handkerchief is removed- the ball has vanished!

Another effect: Leave the box empty. Place rubber bands around the box. Place the ball on top of the box. Cover it briefly with a handkerchief, and when the handkerchief is removed- instantly the ball is now INSIDE the box!

A unique and different pocket magic trick that's EASY EASY EASY to perform!

And you'll get a BONUS! Buy this trick from us, and you'll get the password to Monticup's exclusive TIPS video. He'll teach you exactly how to do this trick PLUS he'll teach you an extra routine for the Bandit Ball. You can't get that video anywhere else!

Depending on what our suppliers send us, your box may say "Bandit Ball" or "Burglar Ball" or "Disintegration Chamber". They are all the same trick.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Bandit Ball
  • printed instructions
  • BONUS: Monticup's video instruction teaching you TWO different routines (password)

You supply an ordinary handkerchief or cloth.
You supply ordinary rubber bands.
You can purchase a silk handkerchief from, and use the handkerchief for this trick as well as any other trick that calls for a silk handkerchief. You can never have enough silks!

Watch the bonus video here

Order this trick from and you'll get an exclusive video instruction- FREE!

Watch Peter Monticup as he teaches you TWO ways to perform this trick. You'll learn the EASY way to make the ball vanish from the box, PLUS you'll learn an alternative routine- how to make the ball appear inside the box!

The printed instructions that come with the trick show you one basic routine.
Only gives you TWO routines!

After you purchase the trick, you'll get a password EMAILED TO YOU.
Just click the VIDEO BOX to the left and enter your password when asked.

You can watch the video from this page anytime, as often as you'd like.
If you forgot your password, just contact us.


Silk- 12 inch
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Customer Reviews
5 Stars
As simple as this trick is it was really helpful to have the bonus video. You show exactly what to do. Also you added a little extra routine in the video which makes this trick even better.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from TN. on 8/23/2015
5 Stars
This is my favorite trick. It''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s easy to do. And, it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s very inexpensive. The best part of the trick is even when you know how to perform the trick, it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s still kind of amazing when it works - which it always does. All the kids and adults I have performed it in fron of can''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t figure it out!
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 4/23/2015
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