Always a Winner
Imagine a game of chance where you ALWAYS win!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Always a Winner

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You can't lose!

A truly amazing and "foolproof" exhibit of your "con artist" skill! You are always in control- you are Always a Winner!

Six stainless steel cups, which are numbered (by dice) from one to six, are shown on a beautiful oak wood platform. In each cup, you place a cash prize. Five of the cups hold a small bill or a coin. One of the cups is the BIG JACKPOT- this can be a $100 bill for really exciting effect!

Choose five lucky spectators from your audience. One by one they are asked to roll a die. They are told that whatever number they roll, they will get the prize that is under that cup. For example: If a two is thrown on the die, the number two cup is lifted up and they get that prize. Of course, they are all hoping they get the big money prize!

It is further explained that you, the magician, will get whatever is left- the last cup remaining.

As each cup is lifted the spectator is given the prize- and it is always a "small" prize. The tension builds as it seems more and more likely that the next audience member will be the lucky one to get the big money prize. Of course, since you are secretly in control, you will always be left the "big winner!"

This amazing and entertaining effect is self working and everything is examinable at the beginning and end of the effect!

Special thanks to our good friend, magician GREBO (Jim Oberg) for demonstrating this trick with us!

Performance Ideas:

Place anything you want, anything that will fit, under the cups. At a birthday party, use the board as a way to award a special prize (the person who finds the red marble under their cup is the winner, for example).

For convention booths, let a number of customers try for a special giveaway prize. The customer who finds the red marble under the cup gets the giveaway prize, for example. You could also reverse the trick, and give away five good items and a funny "booby prize".

Here's what you'll get:

  • hand-stained wood board (8.5" x 14")
  • six metal cups
  • dice
  • printed instructions

You supply the money or prizes used.
The cup used as a shaker in the demo video is NOT included.
You can use any cup or container you have as a shaker.
The spectator can also shake the die in his bare hand.


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