S.S. Adams Snake Nut Can
Watch the surprise when the snake jumps out of the can!
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S.S. Adams Snake Nut Can

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One of the most famous practical jokes ever!

Offer your friend a can of peanuts. When he opens the can, a large snake pops out!

This is one of the oldest manufactured pranks. Long a favorite of practical jokers everywhere, the great quality S.S. Adams Snake Nut Can is available again!

And this is the full size, highest quality can and snake! Yes, there are many versions of this prank out there. This one features a full size METAL can as well as a generously long metal spring inside the snake. Other cans are made of plastic, or are about half the size of this one.

And there's more! Because the can is metal, when you shake it you can clearly hear the sound of the "nuts" rattling around inside. That's called "the convincer"- and many versions of this can don't rattle. S.S. Adams goes the extra mile to provide you with the BEST prank snake can available!

See our entire line of S.S. Adams classic pranks and tricks
Find out what makes S.S. Adams so special!

Here's what you'll get:

  • S.S. Adams Snake Nut Can
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!
Can is metal. Snake is about 2 feet long, made of a plastic sleeve over a metal spring.


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