S.S. Adams Magic Coin Box
Coin reappears inside a bag that's inside a box that's inside another box!
Ages 7 and up Level 2
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S.S. Adams Magic Coin Box

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The most INCREDIBLE and AMAZING pocket coin trick!

They definitely will not believe this one- yet it's SO EASY to do!

Start by borrowing any coin from someone. It can be a regular U.S. coin like a penny, dime or quarter, or it can be a foreign coin (up to the size of a quarter). It doesn't matter. It's even more impressive if the person marks the coin in some way, even secretly. That way, your spectator will know FOR SURE that the coin at the end of the trick IS INDEED the same coin you borrowed from him.

Take the coin, place it in your pocket and immediately remove a small box from the same pocket. The box is tightly closed with lots of rubber bands. Let your spectator open the box- he thinks his coin will be inside, but IT'S ANOTHER BOX, all wrapped in rubber bands too! When he opens the second box- there is a BAG inside, also closed with rubber bands! And when he opens the bag- tucked inside the bag is his MARKED coin! Yes, it TRULY IS HIS COIN! It's a jaw-dropper for sure!

As incredible as this trick sounds, YOU CAN DO IT IMMEDIATELY after reading the simple instructions! Even if you've never done a magic trick before, you can do this one! You'll want to carry this one around with you wherever you go!

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Here's what you'll get:

  • S.S. Adams Magic Coin Box trick (two boxes, small bag, special gimmick)
  • printed instructions

You will need to borrow a coin.
You will need a marker (optional).


Customer Reviews
4 Stars
Best trick ever
Ok, First I wanna say this is the best trick for the money and it will fool anyone on earth. However, theres some important tips I wanna share for you and Peter if he sees this.. My first try was a fail. The coin wasnt in the bag (or the box) haha. First a suggestion: They should also make the outer box with the same hard plastic as the little box. Idk why they didnt and its really just a mystery to me. Now the tips: I really really suggest this exact method to be done - Ok, USE A DIME ONLY... U heard it here first. Reason is, the others get stuck ALOT. Second, the coin slide has an exposed groove and the baggie sometimes gets caught up in this small groove... Thats how my first routine was blown. Use TAPE and go around the slide in a couple areas so the bag does not enter the slide.. Also make sure the slide touches the bottom of bag EVERYTIME and only double loop the band around the bag and do it about 1/4 inch down from the top of the bag.. Trust me. Hope all this helps. Awesome trick!
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Reviewed by:  from TN. on 6/11/2015
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