S.S. Adams Crazy Cube
Instantly reveal the number on a die secretly chosen by your spectator!
Ages 7 and up Level 2
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S.S. Adams Crazy Cube

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Mindreading made simple!

Your spectator secretly chooses the number on one side of a die, then seals a die into a black container, then seals that container into a second container.bInstantly, youbcan tell the spectator which number he chose! Best of all, this trick can be repeated immediately, and you will be correct every time!

By the way, in the demo video, I KNEW what number was on the other side of the chosen die. I mentioned that the chosen number was TWO, and the opposite side was FIVE. How did I know that? See the free video on my advanced routine below for the answer.

Performance Ideas   Performance Ideas:

You can tell your spectator the number that is face up AND the number that is face down. Most people do not know that the opposite sides of a die always add up to 7. So, for example, if the die has a 2 on the side facing up, it has a 5 on the side facing down. And now you can fool your friends with that one!


What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • S.S. Adams Crazy Cube (two containers with lids plus a die)
  • printed instructions
  • BONUS: Monticup's own advanced routine
And that's all you need!


Learn Monticup's routine for the CRAZY CUBE!

In this advanced routine, you not only name the chosen number that's on TOP of the die, but you name the number that's on the BOTTOM as well!

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