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DVD- Treachery Of Tricks

Learn how to take your performance to the PROFESSIONAL level!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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DVD- Treachery Of Tricks

Item Id: 90-1397
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Learn to make your magic YOURS!

What does that even mean?? Well, no doubt you own a whole bunch of magic effects. Master magician and highly successful performer Francis Menotti shows you how to build YOUR OWN routines and your own show.

You'll watch Menotti in an actual performance, with his audio commentary added over it so that you can easily understand the secret details, nuances and psychology behind what he does and what he says to his spectators.

You'll also learn from several video essays- segments featuring Menotti talking about showmanship and the psychology of performance, with some truly valuable insights not available anywhere else.

Of course, you'll also learn a number of Menotti's tricks, complete with his routines, effects that he features in his Magic Castle performances.

The routines you'll learn include a mix of mentalism, coin and card effects:

  • Vivid: An envelope is handed to an audience member and another spectator is asked to name a year. At the end, a coin is discovered in the envelope and it is found to have been minted in the very year named by the spectator
  • Wyrd: Spectators contribute numbers into a smart phone’s calculator and the resulting number is found to be relevant to a seemingly unrelated prediction
  • Pieces Of Nothing: A coin and parts of a coin are being hidden by “nothing,” which causes them to vanish
  • Two Sides Of Every Coin: Coins are shown with two heads and two tails and then they multiply
  • Imaginary Coins: A clean three coin vanish with clever new moves
  • Sync: A spectator places a card back into the deck and the freely chosen location finds the card’s match
  • Shroedinger’s Card: A selected card vanishes and is ultimately found in the card box

And there is a LOT of information here! This two DVD set runs for 177 minutes- close to THREE HOURS!

By the way, the quote underneath the lobster on the DVD cover translates as "This is not a telephone". You'll find out what this means when you watch the Treachery Of Tricks DVD!

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Treachery Of Tricks DVD
You supply the items to be used (coins, cards, etc.).


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