DVD- Easy Hand Illusions
Perform astounding but easy sleight of hand with ordinary objects!
Ages 10 and up Level 2
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DVD- Easy Hand Illusions

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Ordinary objects are magic in your hands!

Learn some easy yet amazing tricks with ordinary objects like playing cards, finger rings and pens! Learn from magician Eddy Ray as he teaches you the secret techniques that will let you perform the most incredible magic with everyday items- anytime, anwhere!

It's so much easier to learn when you actually see the tricks done and explained by a professional magician! Plus, with DVD technology, you can freeze frames or jump to the exact part of any trick you are trying to learn.

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Easy Hand Illusions DVD
You supply the ordinary items.

Contents of the Easy Hand Illusions DVD:

  • Double Cut Roll
  • Shrinking Deck
  • Vanishing and Reappearing Card
  • Toss Out Aces
  • Blank Faces Print
  • Erdnase Color Change
  • Ed Marlo's Snap Change
  • Springing the Cards
  • Growing Deck
  • Finger Ring Jump
  • Ring Finger Vanish
  • Finger Ring Pop On
  • Ring Finger Penetration
  • Ninja Ring
  • Poker Chip Fantasy
  • Poker Chip Appearance
  • Back Palm Vanish
  • Pen Trix


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