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DVD- Crash Course In Coin Magic
Turn yourself into an expert coin magician!
Ages 13 and up Level 3
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DVD- Crash Course In Coin Magic

Item Id: 90-1211
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Turn yourself into an expert with coins!

Want to learn the MOST impressive coin magic right away? Crash Course In Coin Magic gets you there!

With these crystal clear lessons, and a bit of practice, you will quickly be performing the most IMPRESSIVE coin magic ever! In your bare hands, you'll be able to produce ordinary coins, change one coin for another, and vanish a coin in the blink of an eye! The moves you'll learn are great tricks on their own, and can really step up your game when you use the moves as part of other routines!

Here's what is on the DVD:

  • Coin Disappearing - simple method to make any coin vanish!
  • Copper and Silver - turn one into the other!
  • Striking Vanish - gone with a toss!
  • Switching Coins - truly impressive visual exchange!
  • Coin Vanishing - a different method that fools magicians!
  • Coin Sleight - even YOU won't believe what you are seeing!

Note from Peter Monticup: Yes, even I learned some new moves with this DVD!
Even after 50 years as a magician, there is always something new to learn. I was very excited to see what's covered on this DVD. Seasoned magician or beginner, you'll find some really useful techniques here.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The French Drop
  • Four Methods To Palm a Coin
  • Classic Palm
  • Thumb Palm
  • Finger Palm
  • Back Palm
  • Slap Appearance
  • Flash Appearance
  • The Toss
  • Roll-Over Vanish
  • Pass Vanish



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