TWO Hot Rods PLUS Instruction DVD
Learn the secret moves to do the incredible color-changing hot rod! Comes with TWO hot rods!
Ages 10 and up Level 2
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TWO Hot Rods PLUS Instruction DVD

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At last! An easy way for you to learn the incredible Paddle Move! It's now on DVD!

And this one comes with TWO wooden hot rods!

You'll use the Paddle Move and its variations to perform dozens of jaw-dropping tricks! But until now, you had to learn by reading a book or by having another magician teach you in person.

Finally, the secrets are out! Follow along with this DVD and get fast results! Use the two Hot Rods that come with this DVD and in no time you will be fooling your friends with the Color Changing Rod mystery! Once you learn the Paddle Move, you'll be able to perform so many other similar tricks with ease!

  • Basic Presentation
  • The Paddle Move
  • The HotRod Force
  • The Flip Move
  • The Swing Move
  • Through the Hand Change
  • Shake Change
  • Blur Change
  • Twist Change
  • Cover Snap Change
  • In Their Hands
  • Misdirection Change
  • Rubber Illusion
  • Vanish into Silk
  • Vanish into Confetti
  • Thumb Palm Vanish
  • Retention Vanish
  • Single Production
  • Continuous Production
  • Children's Prizes
  • I Know Your Music
  • Color Change Deck
  • The Six Card Trick
  • HotRod Card Trick
  • and MUCH MORE
What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • TWO Hot Rods
  • instructions on DVD- including 30 tricks you can do
And that's all you need!


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